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Est-ce que vous parlez Français? Five reasons why you should definitely learn French!

Est-ce que vous parlez Français? Five reasons why you should definitely learn French!

Some love it, others hate it - that's how it looks with the French language in Switzerland. Many German-speaking Swiss struggle with French grammar throughout school and see no personal benefit in learning French. Others, on the other hand, associate French with the most beautiful things of all, such as love, French haute cuisine, romantic Paris or the classics of French literature.

We at the ILS see it the same way and would like to make clear once again why French is one of the most worthwhile languages to learn. Our five powerful reasons:

  1. Did you know that French is one of the most widely spoken languages? French is spoken in over 30 countries around the world. Worldwide there are about 180 million people who speak French. So if you can count yourself among them, you have the opportunity to communicate with a lot of people.
  2. Apart from English, French is the only language that is the mother tongue or official language on five continents. So when you're travelling, you'll be able to easily get by with English and French almost anywhere.
  3. If you intend to work abroad, you definitely have an ace up your sleeve with French. French is not only geographically very widespread, but also the official language of the UN, the EU, NATO, the International Red Cross and many other organisations and associations.
  4. But French can also open new doors in Switzerland: Quite apart from the fact that French is one of our national languages, with a good knowledge of French you can overcome the "Röstigraben" and discover the beauty of French-speaking Switzerland. Travel to Lausanne or Geneva and get to know parts of Swiss history and culture that have remained foreign to you until now.
  5. French allows you to immerse yourself in the diversity of French and other Francophone cultures: For example, read major works from Molière to Sartre in the original French language, visit classical plays in the Montmartre quarter or follow the political events in the Elysée Palace without the need for a translation. These are just a few of the advantages you can enjoy if you speak French.

Have we convinced you? If so, we will be happy to accompany you and support you in learning French. At the ILS you will find a variety of French courses in individual or group lessons. In our small groups you can improve your language skills quickly and efficiently. If not, visit us anyway, we are convinced that we can infect you with our enthusiasm for language learning!