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French courses A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 in the heart of Basel

French courses in Basel. Discover the pleasure of learning French. With us you will find the right French course for every level. The International Language School accompanies you in learning French. Our tailor-made and personal French courses guarantee you a quick learning success in learning French.

Description French courses

Learn to speak and write French as quickly as possible in our French course. A French course at the ILS Basel is the best option to speak French as quickly as possible. Our language school is eduqua-certified and only a few minutes away from the train station, so you can attend your French course quickly and easily. See our offers for French courses in the menu bar on the left or below.

Non-binding trial lessons in private French lessons

Haven't you decided yet? Then convince yourself of our committed French team.

During two non-binding trial lessons you can try out your desired private French course. If you are not satisfied, you pay nothing! And if you do, then we look forward to welcoming you and making you a tailor-made offer and supporting you in learning French.


  • Basic knowledge "country, people, culture" of the French language
  • Conversations, discussions
  • Correct pronunciation
  • Grammar exercises
  • Phrasal composition and structure
  • Use of times and cases
  • Spelling
  • Listening comprehension
  • Reading comprehension
  • Travel conversations and vocabulary

LANGUAGE LEVEL French A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

  • A0: I have never learnt French and have no previous knowledge of the language
  • A1: I can communicate with single words, short sentences, gestures and facial expressions.
  • A2: I can get by in simple situations, but with difficulty.
  • B1: I can communicate in everyday life, but I still make many mistakes.
  • B2: I can talk effortlessly in many situations, even if not flawlessly.
  • C1: I can almost always express myself clearly and correctly.
  • C2: I speak the language almost as well as my mother tongue.
  • A free placement test will be carried out before your first course.


Super-Intensive French Courses

Would you like to learn French as quickly and intensively as possible during 4 lessons a day?
The Super-Intensive course takes place from Monday to Friday in the morning or is held at noon
offers the best option if you want to learn French as quickly as possible.

from CHF 875 / per instalment

Intensive French Courses

Do you want a daily course, but you still want enough free time?
Then the intensive course is ideal for you! The intensive course takes place daily from Monday to Friday with 2 lessons per day.

from CHF 490 / per month

Semi-Intensive French Courses

Learn French three times a week during two lessons at noon - this is possible in the Semi-Intensive course. This course is for those who want to learn French quickly, but don't have as much time and would like to attend a course over lunch.

from CHF 400 / per month

Evening - French courses 2x/week

Are you busy during the day or are you looking for a less time-consuming course?
Visit one of our evening courses two days a week for two lessons each.

from CHF 300 / per month

Evening French courses 1x/week

In our evening courses you attend the French course once a week and can learn the French language comfortably and relaxed. You will deepen your knowledge of French and will be able to cope successfully with everyday French-speaking situations through conversation, listening and writing exercises.

from CHF 220 / per month

Saturdays - French Courses

You don't have time during the week? Then a Saturday course is just the right thing for you!
Each Saturday morning during 4 lessons, you will learn English quickly and efficiently.

from CHF 300 / per month

Private French Courses

Our private French courses guarantee maximum flexibility. You are free to choose when and how often you want your French course to take place. Book one of our lesson packages and learn French whenever you want. A unique offer that you can test without obligation.

Book two non-binding trial lessons and convince yourself of our French courses.

from CHF 49 / per lesson

DELF/DALF - French language courses

Are you interested in attaining an internationally recognised diploma? We make you ready to take DELF and DALF exams. Visit our preparation courses on one or two days of the week during 4 lessons per week.
DALF exams. Visit our preparation courses on two days of the week
during 2 lessons daily.

from CHF 980.

Business - French Courses:

In this course, you will learn French specifically for the business world. On one
day per weekm, during two lessons, you will train common oral and written
expressions for business life.

from CHF 190 / per month

Course days & times

price optioncourse dayscourse times
Super Intensive French CourseMonday to Friday13:00 - 16:15 o'clock
Intensive French CourseMonday to Friday15:00 - 16:30 o'clock
Semi-Intensive French CourseMonday, Wednesday, Friday12:30 - 14:00 o'clock
Evening French CourseMonday & Wednesday / Tuesday & Thursday17:25 - 18:55 / 19:00 - 20:30
Saturday French CourseSaturday09:00 - 12:15 o'clock
French courses in small groups

In order to guarantee the most efficient French lessons possible, all our French courses take place in small groups.

A maximum of 6 people per group allows you a maximum participation in the lessons: They have time to ask questions and speak as often as they can. No more passive existence in a boring French course, but active learning of the French language. You'll master French in no time!

Learning French in Basel with experienced and friendly teachers

Many years of experience in teaching French and qualified teachers distinguish us. In addition to a profound knowledge of French, our teachers also impart exciting knowledge about French culture, customs and history in our French courses.

French courses at the ILS offer the ideal opportunity to become familiar with the French language and to get to know everything else about French. Our French teachers are committed to your learning success and accompany you with full commitment in your French learning.